Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm finally back on my blog again . These lat couple of weeks we have been very busy at our new house and hopefully we can move in within 2 weeks.Then we have to get our old house ready for it's new owners.
I guess that will be an emotional day for me since we lived here for 20 years. But we're also all looking forward to move in our new house.
Here are some new photo's.
This is the front. the light bricks are going to painted white as soon as the weather gets better, then they also have to paint the frames of the windows and doors.
Our front door.
The back.

Our neighbours at the back, these houses aren't finished yet.

This was taken last week.

The front door.

Our garden doors and on the floor you can see the first layer of wood and yesterday and today they put in a wonderful aged looking oak floor.

The front.

I really hope to be back soon and then from our new home.