Monday, April 30, 2012

mijn online wolshop

Graag wil ik hier even laten zien dat ik op op mijn online wolshop een leuke aanbieding heb van Laponie wol in een aantal verschillende kleuren die weer op elkaar zijn afgestemd.
Het is een fijne wol van 45% wol en 55% acryl.   De bollen hebben een gewicht van 100 gram en lengte van 110 meter. Breinaalden 6-7.

3.30 Euro 2.95
Laponie wol
Laponie wol
Laponie wol
Laponie wol

Bij iedere bestelling krijgt U een kleine attentie.

Monday, September 12, 2011

wolshop monique

Deze mooie strengen wol zijn bij mij in de webwinkel te koop.
Het is hele mooie 100% schapenwol uit Zweden.De strengen hebben ongeveer een gewicht van 100 gram.Garen van de Zweedse wol is sterk, zacht en makkelijk om mee te breien.De wol is zeer geschikt voor breien zowel als weven.Het is ook mogelijk om deze wol te vervilten.
Deze 2 draads wol heeft een lengte van 300meter per 100 gram.
Wasvoorschriften: kant en klare kledingstukken worden in 40C wolwas progamma gewassen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

swaps on ravelry

I have been into 2 great swaps over at Ravelry. Off course I have forgot to post photo's of what I send to my first swap partner.........
But here are photo's of the gorgious things I received.
The first is from the no money swap and Em send and made me some lovely things.

I just LOVE this bag. It's so cute and the perfect size for a knitting project

Some lovely yarns from her stash.

A cute hat and small bag that she crocheted.

Some nice patterns and stickers.

These can be fold into small boxes.

She also made me some cute magnets out of the small caps from bottles(is that the correct name???)But they're on my fridge and I see that I forgot to make a photo of them.

I have gotten a new partner to send to in this swap as my partner didn't respond. So I will make something new and the I will make some photo's before I will send them to the States.

And then I was in another swap at Ravelry , called the summer swap.

Here are all the lovely things I received from Angie.

All the gifts where in this gorgious box!

Some recipes, a cute sheep pencil( I just LOVE sheep!), lavender tea, hot chocolate.

A very cute crocodile box from clover( love it!)

And a beautiful necklace made by Angie herself.

Some nice stitchmarkers.

A cute cupcake pin.

And this lovely yarn.

So as you can see I'm really spoiled.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

starting a webshop

I haven't been around here much lately.

That's partly because I'm very busy with opening my own webshop,

It's still under construction.
We're working hard to get it ready and to have all the photo's , text etc there where they belong.
In 1 or 2 days some lovely sheep wool from Sweden will arrive. so hopefully the website will be ready and working this weekend.

I'm going to sell some lovely sheepwool from Scandinavia, some other lovely yarns, wooden knitting needles, stitchmarkers and projectbags made by myself and other things as well.
Soon I will be opening my shop with some of the items and I hope to have more and more listed in my shop as soon as possible.
I'm really looking forward to this wonderful adventure.
This is just a short post but I will be back soon with some photo's.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is a small wallhanging of an Amish couple I made a while ago and somehow blogger wants this photo placed only like this, sorry.

And a cute sheep stitchery I made, i just love sheep.

And a quilted table runner I made from a charm pack that someone bought in the USA,. I'm in love with these lovely pieces of fabric. It was difficult to get matching fabric as the fabrics here in the quiltshop are different then the charm pack. But I manage to find some good matching fabric in the end.

And I'm trying to see if I can place a small video we made from our puppies when they had something else to eat for the first was made of puppymilk and something else but i can't find the correct english word for it.I think it is porridge but I'm not sure. It's something that babies also get to eat for the first time after milk.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

lots of socks

One of the projects I have started recently is crocheting some granny bunting.These are great to make and I love how it looks allready( lol).I hope to have lots more before next thursday because then it's my husbands 50th birthday and I want to have them hanging in our livingroom then.Perhaps it's not really a guy colour........what do you think? Shall I make them in another colour for him or not?GUY COLOUR....... Then I'm also knitting some socks. These are plain stockinette stitch and so easy to do in front of the tv or while watching a knitting video podcast.I love to watch those podcast that I have found on Ravelry, such as the knittgirls and 90% knitting.

This is the first sock and it's allmost done now.

And here are some socks that I have finished.

These socks are very nice only when I started knitting the second sock I noticed a colour difference.......I have received the yarn in a swap a while ago and when I looked at the label they both had the same dying number, isn't that strange!

Well, I just have to wear them with my jeans and now one can tell.

Lovely Spring socks, all done in front of a tv or computer.

Just love the colours.

These are so nice and so soft!!!! I can wear them every day, so lovely.

And I also love the pattern. I don't remember what pattern I just as I started these a long time ago. But it was an easy to memorize pattern.

And a simple grey hat, a person can't be prepared for winter too soon(lol).

I just want to make some flowers for it, to make it a bit more not so plain.

Only blogger won't let me place the photo correctly........

Monday, May 16, 2011


Blogger is acting weird again and it won't let me put the text where and how I want it to be.......
But I will give it another try.

I have been wanting to stop with this blog but then some woman over at the ravelry group de priegelaars convinced me to keep posting on my blog as well as go over to other blogs more. So I'm planning of doing that from now on.

I have some wonderful news.
The photo above shows our dog Meghan with her puppies, they where born on mothersday.
She got 6 boys and 3 girls, and they're so cute!!!!!!!
So adorable.....

I could watch them all day long.

Even though all they do now is eat and sleep, and sometimes I see them dreaming too.

We are planning on keeping 1 girl ourselves and the we have found great homes for the others too.

I have a few finished objects but I still need to make photo's from them. Will do that this evening.